Pre-Consultation Conversations

Please note Build Toronto is now operating as CreateTO. For more information, click here.

As part of the engagement strategy for the Allen District Plan, the project team organized a series of small conversations with representatives from six local resident associations to introduce the project and the project team, get a sense of the community interests and potential concerns regarding the project, get early input and advice on any community concerns and to answer questions. The six meetings were held with: The Balmoral Homeowners' Association, The Banting Park Homeowners' Association, The Bathurst Manor Action Group, The Bathurst Manor Homeowners' Association, The Downsview Lands Community Association and the Downsview Residents' Association. In addition to representatives from each of the organizations, two to three Build Toronto representatives were in attendance, Bill Bryck, President and CEO of Build Toronto, Carlo Bonanni, VP of Land and Development Planning and Natalie Pastuszak, Manager of Communications and Stakeholder Relations. From Swerhun Facilitation, it was Ryan Adamson, Matthew Wheatley and Bianca Wylie. The Overall Summary from these six meetings is included below:

Overall Pre-Consultation Conversation Summary


Please see the chart below for a high-level overview of the process this project is following.

High-Level Process Overview Allen District Plan


Located around the Downsview Subway Station, the Allen District is one of the districts comprising of 73 total acres and since 2009 Build Toronto (we are now operating as CreateTO) has been tasked with developing 57 acres of land in the district east of Allen Road.  To find out more click here.

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