Project Background

In 2011, the Ontario Municipal Board approved the Downsview Secondary Plan, which is the blueprint for directing growth and development in the Downsview area. The Plan includes both overarching development policies, but also divides the neighbourhood into seven districts, allowing for more specific principles unique to each district to guide future growth.

Downsview Secondary Plan Outline (in Green) with the Allen District Plan (in Blue) and Build Toronto Area (in White)

Located around the Downsview Subway Station, the Allen District is one of the districts comprising of 73 total acres and since 2009 we have been tasked with developing 57 acres of land in the district east of Allen Road. But before any development can occur, we are working with the City of Toronto on the approval of the Allen District Plan, a requirement of the Secondary Plan, which will further refine how development will occur in the District and serve as a comprehensive master plan.

The completion of the Allen District Plan will work to facilitate the development of a complete community as it will address areas such as servicing, transportation, urban design and the environment. Our work in the area will also include undertaking an environmental assessment for new roads proposed in the District.

We submitted our Allen District plan to City staff at the end of 2014 and we are currently in the planning approvals process targeting final approval of the district plan this year.

Build Toronto lands within the Allen District

Future Development for Allen East District

Following approvals of the Allen East District Plan, we anticipate submitting a Draft Plan of Subdivision for the entire 57-acre site and a Zoning By-law Amendment application for Phase 1 of the development plans.

Representing the largest site in our portfolio, the Allen Precinct also encompasses one of the largest undeveloped, transit oriented sites within the City of Toronto. Municipally known as 1035 Sheppard Ave. W., the majority of the site was formerly part of the Canadian Forces Base Downsview until the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto ("Metro") acquired the site from the Department of National Defence in 1987.

The site, much of it vacant today, was declared surplus by the City of Toronto for transfer to our organization in 2009.

Original Allen District Plan Reports (September, 2014):

The following links will take you to the various reports relating to this project.

Downsview Area Secondary Plan - via OMB decision
Preliminary Staff Report - Allen District Plan

Allen District Plan Submission:
     Allen District Plan Report
            Urban Design Guidelines
            Affordable Housing Strategy
            Community Services & Facilities Strategy
            Public Art Strategy
            Sustainability Report
            Transportation Report & Appendices

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